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Once you are diagnosed as pregnant, your doctor is likely to suggest a range of tablets and syrups for your wellness as well as for the baby. Vitamin A during pregnancy is commonly suggested but many pregnant moms do not realize the importance of it. Let’s understand the use of this vitamin better.

What is Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is meant to improve the immunity, visual health and aids the fetal growth. Babies tend to have delayed visual developments after birth and that is because of vitamin A deficiency. It is also fondly called as an antioxidant and has the potential to flush out the less important or toxic substances from your body.

If you ask how consuming vitamin A during pregnancy is going to help your baby, let us tell you that it influences the skin, bones, vision, and teeth of the fetus and there is better blood circulation.

Now that you understood what it is, a lot of pregnant women have this question – is it safe to eat vitamin A supplements during pregnancy? We are answering in the next section.

Vitamin A during pregnancy – is it safe to eat?

During the third trimester of pregnancy, plenty of pregnant women have been diagnosed with vitamin A deficiency. In order to avoid such situations, it is good to watch your diet.

So, what are the sources of this vitamin or should you take a supplement? Right from the time of diagnosis, quit the habit of taking in a supplement. Instead, choose natural foods that you can easily add to your diet.

Vitamin A sources

Vitamin A sources

Retinol (preformed vitamin A) is available in milk and eggs and used by the body. Provitamin A carotenoids can be found in vegetables and fruits but your body has to take the effort to convert the same into retinol.

There are excellent sources of vitamin A that you can add to your daily food routine in the right quantity. In this section, we would list the sources along with the amount of vitamin A in it.

We are going to perform some basic math here. Remember that IU is the unit and 900mcg RAE implies vitamin A of 6000-36100 IU (Source: BabyCenter).

Food source Vitamin A level
Sweet potato (baked) – 1 1096 mcg
½ cup Carrot (boiled) 665mcg
½ cup boiled spinach 573 mcg
1 cup Fatless milk 338 mcg
½ cup Frozen peas 84 mcg
1 mango 181 mcg
1 tbsp butter 95 mcg
½ cup boiled/cooked broccoli 60 mcg


By now, you would have understood that all the vitamin A sources are easily accessible and when you are diagnosed with a deficiency, all you need to do is to increase the quantities of these sources.

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How much vitamin A per day is ideal

How much is too much vitamin A during pregnancy? Is this your question now? Well, a lot of us already have sufficient quantities of vitamin A and there are specific regions in the world where people are widely spotted with this deficiency. However, here is the tabulated version of the exact quantity of vitamin A you should take per day.

Age Quantity
Pregnant women less than 19 years of age 750 mcg per day
Pregnant women of ages 19 and older 770 mcg per day


What happens when you get too much of vitamin A? Well, this happens. Too much of vitamin A can increase liver toxicity and result in birth defects. Isn’t it easier to watch your food routine instead of consuming too much?

Tips to find out if you are vitamin A deficient

During pregnancy, there is so much to follow to keep the baby healthy inside your womb. The best way to find out if you are deficient is to notice the strength of the immune system. Sudden weakening of it is one such indicator while impaired night vision or night blindness is another condition but is less noted.


Dear pregnant buddy, this is an important phase of your life. Hence, take extra care when it comes to vitamin A.


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