Foot swelling during pregnancy

The last trimester is the golden period during pregnancy. From the mild kicks to harder ones, you can now see your baby moving in all directions inside your belly like the rise and fall of waves. You can even find his head and elbows when noticed carefully. 24 hours will never be enough to enjoy this feeling. Your appetite would have grown now and it is time to eat all healthy for 2 people. Seeing your baby grow day by day is a wonderful feeling. Amidst this, you may have discomforts like sleepless nights due to frequent visits to the toilet, weight gain, itching in the stretched area of the stomach etc. These may actually bother your sleep too when pregnant.

A swollen foot is another common issue to be taken care of.

Why is your foot swollen

It may be due to various reasons, some being blood pressure variations, body weight or fluid content in the body.

Usually, pregnant women experience a weight gain of 8 – 25 kgs during their pregnancy. It becomes an overload to the foot to carry the increased weight and causes swelling. Increased blood pressure accumulates fluid in the body and causes swelling too.

This has to be handled with care as it may be related to blood pressure. Also, the swollen area gets painful and affects your daily routine. It gets difficult to walk or stand continuously or, when the swollen area gets a rough contact with the wall or chair, it is painful.

When weight increases, we may see the once boney foot getting some chubbiness, leading to shoe shopping for the new size. Sometimes, your feet may find it difficult to carry the increased weight and cause inflation.

Is your foot chubby or swollen

Put your index finger on your foot and give a gentle press. If you could see the pressed area even after taking off the finger, you can confirm that your foot is swollen.

Chubby or swollen

Otherwise, it is chubby and you don’t have to worry about it!

Goodbyes to a swollen foot

Drinking lots and lots of water is the only way out, to suppress the swelling.

Vegetables like bottle guard, ridge guard, squash, pumpkin are great remedies.

All of them can be directly boiled in water (without salt) and consumed as such. Eating any one of these vegetables (boiled without salt) once in 3 days regularly in the last trimester helps to maintain the body fluid levels and blood pressure, keeping you away from swollen legs.

If your legs are already swollen, taking the boiled vegetables continuously for 3 days in a row would suppress the swelling completely on the fourth day. You will need great tolerance to eat the raw boiled vegetables as it won’t taste so good. But, they aid a lot in our wellness in that last trimester.

One more thing you can do to reduce swelling of a foot is to minimize the salt intake in food. This practice can be followed right from the beginning of pregnancy, as this keeps your blood pressure in check.

If you are diagnosed with increased blood pressure during the last trimester, the gynecologist would suggest you eat food without salt in it. So, it is better to have a minimal salt intake from day 1 itself.

Another usual solution said by the elders at home is to have barley water to reduce the swelling. But, this, in turn, reduces the level of amniotic fluid and hence should not be taken. So, be extremely careful when you choose this remedy.

If the foot is swollen, it is better to sit on the floor with legs crossed and stretched than to sit in a chair. The sitting posture in the floor aids the correct blood flow to the legs than the posture in a chair. This doesn’t help in reducing the swelling but soothes the swollen area and relieves pain.

These are some foolproof ways to get over foot swelling during pregnancy. Have more tips to share? Do drop in the comment section!


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