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Back when we have been studying, there used to be a lot of ‘ME’ time and things were so smooth. After marriage, we have assumed new roles and responsibilities. With a baby comes even more responsibilities where we forget the concept of ‘ME’ time that we once rejoiced!

Psychotherapist Dr. Sudha says,

Every woman should spend time for herself no matter how old she is.

So now, the question is ‘are you spending enough time for yourself’? Unfortunately, not many! In this article, let’s find out simple ways to celebrate ourselves and rejoice the ‘ME’ time.

How to plan your ME time daily

There are 5 simple steps to plan one.

Give your body some movements!

While it is acceptable that your household chores are already giving your body enough exercises, the ME time is all about personal fitness. Go for a walk and practice some mild exercises as minimum as 10 minutes a day. This helps generate more serotonin in your body.

Practice book reading or podcasting

Books are not meant for bookworms alone! One page from a good book a day can rejuvenate your mind and body even without your knowledge. If you are not overwhelmed about book reading, you can listen to podcasting online.

Bookreading Me time

With each one of us having a smartphone, just turn on a podcast or a motivational talk of your choice and listen to it for a few minutes. You can find the intrinsic motivation that keeps you up for the rest of the day.

Embrace nature

Oh, this is a bit of common advice we have been hearing lately. Adding to the repetition, we have not embraced our nature. You don’t have to trek or do some serious works to achieve this!

Nature watching

Whether you are just pregnant or a new mom, make it a habit to smell the flowers as you pass by.

Feel like a child when you walk on the grass!

Grow sprouts right at your home.

Drench yourself in sunlight!

Use natural therapies and products for your routine!

You can see wellness in your mind and body and indirectly live the life you want.


When we asked a few moms on what their ME time is like, these were their answers:

  • Sipping a cup of coffee without stress or sudden calls from family
  • Shopping products I like
  • Talking to my parents calmly for 5 minutes a day

It was pathetic to note that 80% of the women we reached out had problems like stress and fear of what others would think about them.

To overcome this fear, start your day with meditation. This helps you focus on your major tasks for the day and complete them quickly and have some ME time to do things you like.

Talk out to someone you like

If you feel bored to talk to the same person from your family, make it a habit to meet or at least talk on call to an acquaintance of yours for 2 minutes. This gives a great sense of relief and makes the rest of the day stress-free.

This Women’s day, celebrate yourself for you are the epitome of bravery, determination, home management and what not. Dedicate at least 10 minutes for yourself with all these steps and live your dream!

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