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Just after you deliver a baby, there is a high chance of getting stressed or feeling low and a lot of women out there find it difficult to cope with the sudden change in their lifestyles.

According to Dr. Gayathri, when a baby is born, the mom also achieves a rebirth which means she has to be prepared for new changes in her life. When this awareness is missing, the post-pregnancy period can turn chaotic. If you also feel that your stress has proliferated day by day due to baby-caring, household chores, and whatnot and that you are missing your usual life, then here are a few tips to try out.


Build a schedule

So, you begin to lead a new life which means new tasks are likely to pile up at any moment. It is advisable to build a schedule that can help you manage tasks intelligently and also give you the necessary personal time.

Just before you hit the bed the previous day, plan the next day and allocate some time for you to do things you like.

  • Make sure your mind does not get filled up with household chores during personal time
  • Don’t feel bad to care for yourself

Build a flexible sleep routine

In general, humans are comfortable sleeping in the night. The birth of a baby leaves many moms sleepless and as a result, a mom spends sleepless nights which can irritate and develop frustration against the baby.

  • Initially, you may have to gel with your baby’s sleeping time. Take chances to sleep whenever your baby is sleeping.
  • Remember that this is a temporary phase.
  • Enjoy this phase as you can never experience it anytime in the future.

Mom Baby Together

When your baby gets into a proper sleep routine, it is important for moms to return back to their regular nighttime sleeping.

Don’t stay indoors

According to Dr. Gayathri, staying indoors can lower your self-esteem and build stress. Take your baby in a pram and walk a few steps. Visit the nearby park or a green environment that can refresh your mind!

Care your outlook

Why does your outlook even matter to your baby? Well, not just for your baby, it matters for everyone around you and including you.

Even if you are indoors, stay well-dressed. This can improve your self-image and also let others realize that you are healthy and happy. This positive vibration also passes to your baby.

Plan outings at least once in a fortnight

It is okay to leave your baby at home for a few hours in order to visit your favorite destination. Don’t feel anxious or worried or guilty about it.

Remember that this is your personal time. Have a friend accompany you or someone you are comfortable with!

This tip is crucial because your mental health is the key to the baby’s upkeep. If you are stressed out, it is nearly impossible to give your baby the necessary concentration. So, wear that ‘crazy and naughty child’ hat on!

Baby management

Don’t panic when your baby cries

Crying is a means of the baby to express a message to his/her mother. Instead of panicking, be patient and look out for what the baby needs. If it continues, take the baby to a pediatrician.

Also, a baby has the potential to read your facial expression and react accordingly. So, choose the expression right!

Remember, Google is not your doctor

Mom Google Stress

The search engine is filled with personal experiences and misconceptions where one solution or one problem does not fit all. So, it is better not to run to Google whenever you have a problem. Instead, reach out to a specialist in this field for any query. This tip can reduce your stress levels by several times.

Similarly, don’t take comments of people about your baby seriously. Just give your fullest to your baby and the magic can happen automatically!

If you think that your life has gone miserable after giving birth to a baby, then you need to follow our expert tips!


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