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For a new mom, the cry of a baby might sound quite confusing. Sometimes, the baby cries for no reason while a few other times, the baby wants to convey a message in the language that he/she knows.

In this article, we shall get into detail on why babies cry at specific times and amazing ways to soothe them.

Why Do Babies Cry 

It can be so annoying for the mom to calm down the baby. After spending sleepless nights during pregnancy, it is a rebirth for the mom and she desperately wants to sleep but the baby never lets her do it. What could be the reason? Why is the baby crying?

After having spoken with a lot of mothers and experts in the field, we have shortlisted the top 6 reasons for the babies to cry.

Your baby is hungry

It all begins with a slow scream and it goes on and on till you feed them. The tone can be of different pitches and there is also a ‘neh’ sound which means he is searching for milk and hitting his tongue to the top of mouth to create the sound. Hunger is actually the common reason for your baby to cry in the initial months.

Your baby is feeling sleepy

There is no proper language that your baby knows to communicate and hence, crying is his/her secret weapon to convey everything.

Baby Feeling Sleepy

After feeding the baby, it is a good idea to place him/her on a cozy bed and then give all the attention the baby deserves. Some moms sing a lullaby while few others offer gentle massage. Since the circadian rhythm at the initial stage is not properly established until the age of 4 months, there is a probability for the baby to feel sleepy anytime. Some moms think that short afternoon nap can allow the baby to sleep longer but this ends up in failure. This only means that the hormones produced for sleep are not enough to put her down.

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Your baby has troubles in the tummy

After you feed the baby, there is a probability for her to feel the need to burp. Sometimes, too much air inside the mouth can also make her tummy full. It does not happen naturally in the initial few months. The mother will have to manually let her burp. Hold baby to one side and gently rub the stomach in a circular motion. After some time, you can notice her burping out.

As a new mom, it is extremely important to see the supporting actions to convey the message. For example, the baby may pump her legs or wriggle all of a sudden and they only mean that she wants to pass gas. The best way to get this phase going is to do either of these two actions:

  • Hold her either on left or on the stomach and this will ease the digestion
  • Alternatively, move her legs as if she is bicycling. Make sure to push till chest and this allows gas to relieve from the body.

Your baby is ill

Back in those days when our grandparents were raising babies, they were able to closely monitor the telltale signs and identify the cause behind it. However, it is not possible these days since we tend to be occupied with so many works and the sudden cry of a baby can only frustrate us.

Out of all the reasons for your baby to cry, illness is something that needs extra care.

How to find out if your baby is ill?

There are 2 signs to find out the illness – a long cry or a hard cry. The baby pushes hard to cry which does not happen usually.

When you spot these, check the eyes of the baby to see if it is pale. Also, try observing the body temperature and if there is heat, you may have to run to your pediatrician.

Absence of weight gain can also result in illness and your baby gets inconsolable. Watch your baby’s actions carefully and pay immediate attention when there is even the slightest change.

Your baby needs your attention

So, you think your baby does not know much? But, did you know she or he is a big time attention seeker?

A common event that mothers face is – setting up the bed and letting the baby down to sleep or setting the play area and carrying on with the daily chores. The baby feels lonely and cries just to seek your attention.

Baby Attention Seeking Cry

Remember not to get frustrated because of this kiddish activity as it changes as the baby ages.

Your baby is colic

Is your baby crying mostly in the evening? Are there multiple and long-lasting episodes of crying? Your baby is probably colic.

While people consider abdominal pain as the reason for babies to become colic, sometimes it can be a developmental change in the early months that you have to cope with without losing your patience.

How to calm down a crying baby

Soothing down a crying baby is complex than your yesteryear exams. You neither know the cause nor the tactic to deal it rightly.

The task becomes hectic and irritating when you realize that you have tried all the ways but to no avail. Here are a few foolproof ways to calm down your baby.

  • Calm yourself down.

LOL. Rule number 1 is to treat you first as we know you get tensed. This allows you to focus on the baby’s need patiently.

  • Get the floor rocking with some music.

Don’t stick to one rhythm or style. This is the time to explore all genres. When you play music, it can calm down the nervous system and regulate respiratory rates. Whether you are a bathroom singer or a professional singer, you can still sing if you don’t have a tune ready.

  • Swing.

Babies love to get swung on the air. You can also see the giggles of your baby. During this motion, make sure that the baby’s neck and head are properly rested.

  • Divert.

Baby Toys

The best way to soothe your baby is to change the scene and divert the focus towards something else. This change of environment can stop the crying spell and control the mood. You can also use a pacifier here.

Every new mom will have to build a sleep sanctuary for their baby to have uninterrupted sleep. Perhaps, sleep is crucial and neither of you can afford to miss it.

Try our ideas and let us know!


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