breastfeeding with a cold

As a new mom, managing baby and your illness can be difficult but that should not stop breastfeeding at any cost. Many new moms ask – is breastfeeding with a cold good or bad? Find out the answer in the upcoming sections.

Breastfeeding with a cold

Cold is an ordinary illness just like a fever, sore throat, mastitis, and tummy bug. By the time you realize that you have a cold, the breast milk would have already reached the baby’s tummy and it is fine.

Mom with cold

The cold virus does not get transmitted via breast milk. So, you can be assured that your running nose or a sneeze will not affect the baby. However, you need to sanitize your hands whenever you rub your nose. By this way, you can maintain the hygiene.

The good news about breastfeeding with a cold is you are also supplying antibodies that the baby would need to fight against an illness. Amazing, right?

Now, you would have got your answer. There are some more FAQs asked by new moms in the same line.


Milk supply has gone down. What should I do?

It happens during cold when you do not feel interested to eat the usual quantities and antibiotics can keep you sleepy all the time. As a result, you do not have enough nutrition to lactate and feed your baby. Keep yourself hydrated throughout this phase.

In such cases, you can be assured that it gets better as your health progresses and bounces to normal. Keep formula milk handy just in case your baby feels it insufficient.

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Can medicines affect the baby?

Suppose you are having a tablet for cold, you may be worried if it will transmit to your baby. On the other hand, some may fear if it will interrupt the milk supply.

The regular medication does not have any negative impacts on the baby. However, if the period of cold is prolonged, it is best to reach out to a lactation consultant to find out if it is still advisable to breastfeed.

Can I use a pumping machine?

We would generally advise not to go for a pumping machine to breastfeed sufficient quantities to your baby. Instead, hydrate yourself with ample fluids. If you face trouble, you can consult your regular doctor to find out if you still need a pumping machine.

My baby is not interested when I am breastfeeding with a cold.

There are a few reasons for this to happen:

  • Your baby might not be hungry at that time.
  • The quantity of milk is not as good as usual and you can hydrate for a good flow.
  • Look for your baby’s environment to see if anything causes discomfort.

Breastfeeding with cold will never let your baby show lack of interest.

So, be happy to feed ceaselessly as your baby needs it for nutrition!


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